Contract Manufacturing & Contract Packaging

Working with our PIC/S cGMP certified partners, we can contract manufacture and pack solid, liquid and cream dosage pharmaceuticals, herbal and health supplements under your own brand. We can take care of all quality assurance and regulatory aspects, develop suitable formulation, provide qualified raw materials, design suitable packaging and labelling then process into suitable dosage form and pack in validated packaging materials, perform the necessary analytical tests and implement various in-process-control, and finally deliver to your distributors. We can also help monitor your product quality post marketing.

Dosage forms:

Tablets, Capsules, Granules, Sachets, Pills, Tea Bags, Liquid, Syrups, Creams, Ointments.



Blister, Bottles, Sachets, Bags, Tubes, Jars, Bulk Drum, etc.

Contract Manufacturing: Formulation
Quality Assurance
Regulatory Approval
Processing & Packaging Packaging Design
Labelling Design
Quality Control
Starting Materials Qualification Raw Materials Supply