We provide engineering, procurement, construction management, commissioning and qualification services.

Facility - Clean Rooms & Clean Utilities

ISO 14644 Class 1 to 6 Clean Rooms


Water (For Injection, Purified, Deionised).


cGMP Engineering

Good Engineering Practices review of design, installation and constructions (including DQ)

Plant acceptance testing, site commissioning and qualification (including FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ, PQ)

GMP Engineering Risk Management and Analysis.  


Pharmaceutical Engineering

Sterile, Aseptic and non-sterile finished product.


Manufacturing & Packaging Engineering

Compounding, filling, stoppering and capping, freeze drying, sterilising, emulsifying, tablet compression, capsule filling, solids flow handling, granulating, compacting, mixing & blending, sizing, primary and secondary packaging, labelling and shipping. Fill and count accuracy, packaging integrity, foreign material detection, print accuracy detection, anti-counterfeiting technology.


Biologics Engineering

Fermentation, purification, harvesting, chromatogaphy, packaging and shipping.  


Bio/Chemical Hazard Containment Engineering

Containment Engineering Biosafety Level 1 to 4 containment engineering and validation. Cytotoxic chemical containment design and engineering and validation.


- Clean Room

- Clean Utilities

- cGMP Design

- Manufacturing Line

- Packaging Line

- Laboratory

- Hazard Containment

- Pharmaceutical

- Biologics

- Medical Device

- Food